Teaching is the one profession that creates all other professions. – Richard DuFour
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Vision and Mission

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Our Vision

  • To create awareness about the role of education and educators in resurgent India.
  • To highlight the importance of B.Ed. /M.Ed. courses in our educational set-up.
  • To motivate youngsters regarding the grandeur of B.Ed. /M.Ed. Courses.
  • To create world-class techno-pedagogues, researchers & other professionals.
  • To identify and associate ourselves with renowned Universities and Colleges.
  • To identify other vocational courses and promote them for the benefit of our students.

Our Mission

  • To guide and help students for admission cum coaching in B.Ed./M.Ed. Courses  in various recognized and the renowned professional colleges across INDIA.
  • To provide the best quality notes, video lessons above all teaching/self-pace - learning through B.Ed. /M.Ed. On-line Coaching interface and making them effective pedagogues.
  • To inculcate the importance of preparing one’s own notes with the help of our coaching and our self-made notes.
  •  To raise students’ level of teaching through Workshops/Seminar on ‘Effective Teaching-Skills’. 
  • To highlight the grandeur of ICT & Multimedia in learning and imparting education.